The 5-step programme for more wellness in your practice.

Everybody has certainly made the experience associated with a visit to the dentist: the receptionist at the counter checking your chip card without even looking at you; spending an awful lot for time sitting in the waiting room on uncomfortable chairs; entering the consulting room and the feeling of being exposed to whatever might come; a napkin around your neck and your hands cold and wet.


“It doesn’t have to be like that“, says Gerd Zumbach, practice consultant: “It’s really easy to create an atmosphere of wellness in your dental practice. All you need is to do is provide some things tailored to the needs and requirements of the individual patient.” The atmosphere and climate of the practice is already reflected in the practice’s door plate and bell button, the furniture and the walls’ colours as well as the air and odour inside the rooms. Here, a few changes make the difference.


Another important aspect is the quality of the communication between your team and the patients. It has a positive and calming effect when the receptionist immediately anticipates your patients’ needs and concerns and successfully handles them in a competent manner. A calming atmosphere, wellness and feeling of security have a positive effect on the quality of the relationship between dentist and patient, which is essential for a personal and open feeling of mutual trust.


Only in a calm environment that also imparts competence is it possible to ensure a consulting atmosphere that creates and strengthens the trust and confidentiality required. Gerd Zumbach’s seminars also underline the importance of the congruency between the spoken statement and the sensibly perceptive reality. Talking about aesthetics at a later point in time requires you to express this ambition already in the general appearance of your practice before the first personal consultation.

Practice-consultant Gerd Zumbach and his 5-step programme to immediately make your practice more attractive:

  • Assessing the situation and carrying out a target-performance comparison
  • Delegating the practice-related communication to the team
  • Improving the appearance of your practice
  • Bridging waiting time pleasantly
  • Presenting services to customers
  • Acquiring customers actively