Beautiful teeth enchant!

Zumbach Zahnwerkstatt


Imagine just a moment you could see yourself from another point of view. What is it that makes your personality visible to others? Is it your face, your eyes or your mouth?


The moment you smile, one of the most striking characteristics of your identity will become visible: your teeth. Smiling and baring one’s teeth signal sympathy or agression, kindness or aversion. Your teeth’s expressiveness can either enhance this signal or influence it unfavourably.


The owner of Zumbach’s dental workshop, Gerd Zumbach, is Dental Technician Master and a specialist in individual solutions for patients and practitioners in the fields of dental technics and dental laboratories. “Keeping or reproducing beautiful teeth in their natural beauty is the fine art of modern dental medicine and dental technics”, says Gerd Zumbach.


Gerd Zumbach is a certified expert for dental technis of the Chamber of Crafts Kaiserslautern.